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Anderson Technology Corporation (ATC) is a importing and dealing firm of the materials for prestressed concrete structures.

Anderson prestressing system is the only American-born one among various prestressing systems adopted in Japan.

The fundamental of this system is the multi-strands anchoring method for post-tensioning developed by Dr. Arthur R. Anderson (1910~1995) , the authority of prestressed concrete field in the world. This method had been widely applied in the vast range of important prestressed concrete structures in the United States by Concrete Technology Corporation (Tacoma, Washington, US) to which Dr. Anderson engaged in its establishment.

We, Anderson Technology Corporation established in 1979 as a Japanese-American joint enterprise with the aim of introducing this excellent system with the collaboration from Concrete Technology Corporation.

We have refined this system with various improvement to be fit for construction in Japan and provide various materials and technical services in detail as the licensee of the system. We also perform investigation, planning, design, instruction, construction, repair, and reinforcement of prestressed concrete structures and serve as an import agent of high quality silica fume for cement concrete manufactured in North Europe and the US.

There are still a lot of infrastructures to be developed in a bid to make the 21st century safe, comfortable, and affluent society for each and every one of the nation.

We are aiming not only to contribute to the development of the prestressed concrete industry in Japan but also intending to make effort to contribute for the society in the future.

Anderson Technology Corporation
Yoichiro Tsuji

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